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IBM Mono2Micro™, offered as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, uses the power of AI to refactor Java monoliths into Liberty microservices
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Introducing IBM Mono2Micro

IBM® Mono2Micro helps users create their own microservice architecture, regardless of skill level or technical knowledge. This offers a faster, less disruptive way to refactor monolithic applications into microservices.

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Mono2Micro benefits Maximize Java code reuse while cloud-enabling apps Demo of IBM Mono2Micro™ Faster, cheaper microservices

Auto-generate code to allow continued communication between microservices.

Lower modernization risk

Reuse existing test code throughout the refactoring process.

Transform monolithic apps into microservices Analyze the application

Understand the runtime behavior of the application and the business use cases it supports.

See recommendations

Explore the partition recommendations in the graph view and see the different class relationships.

Generate code

After exploring and customizing the partitions, generate code for running them on Liberty.

Resources Refactoring monolithic systems

Utilize AI to help automate the refactoring of existing monolithic code into effective and more maintainable microservices.

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