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Managing your business processes has never been easier. Collaborate, map, analyze and enhance processes with a single source of truth
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IBM Blueworks Live cloud-based software provides comprehensive but easy-to-use process modeling capabilities to improve team collaboration, documentation and more.

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Because it’s cloud-based, you can map your processes from anywhere, anytime with nothing to download.

Drag-and-drop mapping

Add steps and easily reorder the flow by dragging and dropping, then generate a process map with one click.

Starter templates

Not sure where to start? See one of 200 process map templates that you can adopt or adapt.

Embedded tutorials

Access video tutorials at any time from within the process-mapping environment.

Real-time collaboration

Work simultaneously in a shared workspace with real-time communication and automated change notifications.

Instant exporting

Easily lay out maps and automatically convert them to BPMN 2.0 or other formats without having to be an expert.

Workflow storage

Make all business processes accessible from anywhere and eliminate version problems with a single map repository.

Flexible permissions

Take control of user access and assign permissions by license type, user group and individual.

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