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Enable consistent, accessible and highly available data across on-premises or hybrid cloud environments with a powerful data replication tool
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Eliminate downtime when replicating data across environments

IBM Big Replicate is an enterprise-class data replication software platform that keeps data consistent across distributed environments. It is an ideal solution for data lake migration and modernization, establishment of disaster recovery implementations with near-zero recovery point objectives, and support for hybrid and multi-region deployments.

The solution is noninvasive and moves big data sets with a single pass through the source storage, eliminating the overhead of repeated scans, while also supporting near-real-time replication of any ongoing changes with zero disruption to current production systems.

Benefits Disaster prevention for virtually any environment

Enable disaster recovery and high availability implementations that can support near-zero RTO and RPO to help ensure business continuity and data SLA compliance across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

Cloud migration with minimal downtime

Automate the continuous transfer of data to enable data lake migration and modernization on any cloud. Designed for zero disruption allowing users to continue working on data — even during migrations at petabyte scale.

Data portability to avoid lock-in

Meet your current and future data replication needs, whether your data needs to live on-premises or in a hybrid cloud model. Full data portability means you do not have to be locked in.

Features Highly available, highly accurate data

Gain access to the same data everywhere on any distribution. Resynchronize your data automatically in the event of hardware and network outages.

Automatic recovery after an outage

Cloud to on-premises and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery provides minimal downtime or data loss. On-premises and cloud environments stay continuously in sync as changes are captured as they occur from the supported live sources.

Protection from cloud vendor over-reliance

Get help ensuring global data resiliency. Eliminate application downtime from the failure of an object storage service by having strong consistent replicas of objects in another cloud or location.

Full data portability

Selectively replicate changes across different environments with consistency and no vendor lock-in.

Support for multiple sources and targets

Big Replicate supports Hadoop, network file systems, and leading cloud service providers as source and/or target systems. The platform also supports select independent software vendors, such as Databricks and Snowflake as targets transferring and transforming Hive metadata to the required formats for those platforms.

Migration at any scale

Datasets of any size—from terabytes to multiple petabytes—can be moved without affecting production environments. Horizontal scaling capabilities allow users to scale their migration capacity by configuring transfer agents to maximize the productivity of available bandwidth.

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