APL2 is a powerful partner in problem solving

IBM® APL2® is a programming language for users and developers. It provides a collection of functions for solving problems for commercial data processing, system design, visualization, engineering, teaching and more. APL2 enables you to concisely express work needed to be done and responds by displaying the result of the work — without requiring you to consider the underlying computations. It efficiently uses symbolic notation, for example, that helps internationalize code because it is independent of national language.

APL2 is available for IBM z/OS® mainframes running VM or TSO and workstations running AIX®, Linux®, Sun Solaris or Windows.

Try it now

Download a time-limited demonstration version of APL2 on Windows.


Code less

APL2 is concise. A significant computation can fit in one page of code, or even a few lines, so you and your teams can be more productive.

Focus more

Write only what is logically necessary and transcend the internal requirements of the machine. APL2 takes care of internal considerations automatically so you can focus on the problem.

Power up

Handle large or complicated tasks with greater ease. An array-oriented environment enables you to manipulate huge amounts of data interactively.

IBM APL2 features

  • Interactive problem solving
  • Powerful data analysis
  • Data accessibility options
  • Graphical tools
  • Portability and flexible distribution

Which option is right for you?


APL2 for IBM z/OS mainframes running VM or TSO.

Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms

APL2 for workstations running AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris and Windows.