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Demystifying GraphQL: Explore the Truth Behind the Myths

Although increasingly popular, numerous misconceptions and myths have emerged about GraphQL, leading to confusion among developers and technology adopters. See real-world examples, best practices and debunked myths to understand the true capabilities and benefits of GraphQL.

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Master Backend-for-Frontend: Streamline GraphQL API development

IBM API Connect essentials excels at supporting the Backend-for-Frontend (BFF) pattern, where each frontend application has its own dedicated API backend. Join an architectural discussion on the BFF pattern and a live demo on how you can streamline your API development process.

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On-demand webinars The Latest API Trends and Practices: Insights from IBM® and Gartner

Learn about the recent shifts in how APIs are created and managed, to how organizations such as IBM respond to these trends through new product innovations and partnerships that help clients get the most out of their APIs.

API Testing: Improve API quality, consistency, and developer productivity

Discover how to deliver higher-quality and more reliable APIs while adapting to changing business requirements; and learn how to apply AI and automation to simplify and accelerate API testing during the design and production lifecycle.

API Security: Protect your APIs from evolving threats

A demo on how to apply automation and machine learning to identify unmanaged and potentially insecure APIs, assess APIs for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities and detect and block malicious traffic in real-time.

KPIs for APIs: Get real-time visibility into your APIs with comprehensive analytics

Learn how to use the pre-built dashboards to easily tap into your API data to gain insight on overall system health and API optimization. Analyze the technicalities of API optimization and its impact on business such as identifying the customers using them and how much revenue they are generating. Discover causes to specific issues such as API latency and errors.

Engage your API Community: Best practices around Developer Portal

Learn how to get more value from your APIs by making them easily available to internal and external developers. Then build branded developer portal with quick onboarding and API discovery, as well as a community to engage with your APIs.

Design and enforce standards across your APIs with IBM API Connect's governance capability

In this session, you will learn about what is governance in the API space, what happens without it and how it can be painlessly implemented with API Connect.

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