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Applying AI and automation to API testing across the lifecycle

API testing is fundamental for creating trust in the API program. As enterprises add more micro-services and third-party APIs, it is essential to make sure the APIs are reliable. Implement performance evaluations early in the development process by integrating testing across the API lifecycle with a comprehensive set of testing capabilities from IBM API Connect®. Testing needs vary across the DevOps pipeline so IBM API Connect offers robust testing capabilities that leverage AI and automation to test APIs without having to manually write test cases.


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How IBM API Connect testing works
Iteratively test APIs without writing test cases AutoTest Assist uses AI to randomly generate thousands of requests automatically without having to write test cases and reports about any conformance errors or server-side errors. This can boost developer productivity especially during the API development phase.

Automatically create test cases in seconds Automatically generate test cases with a single click of a button to validate and test the behavior of the APIs. Use natural language processing to understand the dependencies between multi-step calls. QA teams can create integration tests with no-code and visual drag and drop features to test API behavior. The same test can also be used in production for synthetic monitoring to assist with consistent delivery of high-quality APIs. Learn more

Continuous testing with DevOps Integration Seamlessly integrate API tests as part of your CI/CD pipeline using our admin REST APIs. Test cases can be promoted along the pipeline with the APIs to test for guaranteed scenarios and use cases. Learn more

Insights into API quality Get detailed insights on API quality through comprehensive pre-built dashboard visualizations and detailed test reports. Identify trends in the API quality by tracking progress over time. Learn more
Resources Can you trust your APIs?

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AutoTest Assist testing methodology

Learn about the AI methodology used in AutoTest Assist.

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