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Utilize pre-built components to accelerate the implementation of Salesforce with clicks not code
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Simplify and accelerate the implementation of Salesforce to deliver engaging user experiences and rapid ROI

Salesforce implementations can require a significant investment, and organizations need to show a return on that investment as soon as possible. However, implementing Salesforce can be a daunting, time-consuming endeavor. Establishing a solution that meets your unique needs and business models typically requires custom development, which comes with considerable cost and risk.

IBM Accelerators for Salesforce provides a library of pre-built components that can be used to quickly implement dozens of common use cases in Salesforce with clicks, not code. Drag, drop, and configure components for features like announcements, news, idea exchange and learning paths to create an engaging, personalized experience that breaks free of the typical Salesforce look and feel.

The accelerators were developed with the expertise we gained through thousands of successful Salesforce services engagements. Now these same products are available to purchase and use in your projects.

Introducing IBM Accelerators for Salesforce (1:33)
The State of Salesforce report

Learn about the four key trends that offer insights into how industry leaders are unlocking the next wave of value with Salesforce.

Introducing IBM Accelerators for Salesforce

Do more, faster

Reduce the need for customization, using the saved time and money to do more with the platform. These accelerators have reduced time to market for some use cases by over 60%.

Empower Salesforce users

Enable your administrators, business analysts and declarative developers to roll out features to your users via click-based setup and configuration.

Reduce project risk

Use fully tested products proven in real life production environments, helping to lower project risk and stay on budget.

Improve your Return on Experience

Create unique, beautifully branded experiences that increase adoption and engagement, remove friction from processes, deflect service costs and open new revenue opportunities.

Innovate and reduce technical debt

You have the freedom to customize and extend the accelerator source code to meet unique requirements and address new needs as they arise.


Communication & Engagement Announcements for Salesforce

Keep users informed of important timely news and critical alerts by displaying them on specific pages in relevant channels and sites.

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Events for Salesforce

Build engagement and advocacy through virtual and in person events. Features include waitlisting, RSVP, related materials, volunteer sign-up, and more.

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News for Salesforce

Inform and engage users with blogs, articles, and other content. Target content to different types of users and groups for a personalized experience.

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Enhanced UX Experience Pack for Salesforce

Improve the user experience and look of your digital experience with more than 25 components such as headline, navigation tiles, FAQ, slider, progress circle and more.

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Maps for Salesforce

Dynamically display location and navigation for relevant addresses. Enhances the ready-to-use map in Salesforce, simplifies its use and adds flexibility and features.

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Video for Salesforce

Enrich the experience by surfacing video stored on external platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove, Watson Media and Vidyard. Display individual videos and/or playlists dynamically in context.

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View for Salesforce

Unlock a more relevant experience for searching, sorting, filtering and viewing objects and lists, dynamically showing users opportunities, contacts, cases, news or any other standard or custom object they need to see when they need to see it. Also use it for groups and members and to improve knowledge base sourcing.

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User Advocacy Ideas for Salesforce

Improve and innovate by crowdsourcing the best ideas from your users and adding more flexibility and functionality to the standard Salesforce Ideas capability. Users can submit ideas, vote on their favorites and see idea status.

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Reviews & Ratings for Salesforce

Empower users to contribute personal feedback by rating and/or reviewing any standard or custom object in Salesforce, such as products, articles, properties/rentals, vendors, etc.

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Social Share for Salesforce

Expand your reach and influence by enabling users to share content from your site in their social media networks.

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Onboarding & Training Job Board for Salesforce

Attract your next great employee or enable other companies to do the same with a configurable online job board to showcase employment opportunities.   

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Learning Adventure for Salesforce

Accelerate user onboarding and training with interactive learning journeys, useful for any use case where multiple actions need to be taken or content consumed. Activities and content can live inside or outside of Salesforce.

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Member Onboarding for Salesforce

Increase adoption and engagement with a configurable, guided, member onboarding experience. Gather info to help personalize the experience and enable users to opt in to topics and communications.

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Ecommerce & Self-service Product Catalog for Salesforce

Showcase products and enable basic e-commerce as well as allow Sales or Service Cloud users to see product and pricing details for context and cross-sell opportunities.

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Product Catalog for Salesforce B2B Commerce

Bring the best of the Salesforce B2B Commerce-managed package into Lightning sites, including a product catalog with advanced filtering, product detail, add to cart and embedded flow actions to declaratively extend the solution.

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watsonx Assistant for Salesforce

Enable automated customer self-service by surfacing a watsonx Assistant chatbot (purchased and configured separately) on your Salesforce Experience Cloud site. Hand off to a live agent in Service Cloud when needed.

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Use cases

Experience Cloud Accelerate dozens of Experience Cloud use cases for customer-, partner- or employee-facing sites and communities. Leverage 25 presentation components to build beautiful user experiences that break free of the typical Salesforce look and feel. Keep users coming back by providing engaging, personalized experiences with member onboarding, news, events, ideas, video and more.
Service Cloud Gain rapid ROI with capabilities that accelerate user onboarding and proficiency with your Service Cloud implementation and make agents more effective serving customers.  Improve knowledge sourcing and case handling and infuse dynamic context into the experience. Use capabilities like targeted news and announcements, learning paths, knowledge filtering, maps and dynamic pre-filtered lists to make the agent experience more relevant and minimize the need for context switching.
Sales Cloud User adoption is a universal challenge and a top barrier to Salesforce ROI. IBM Accelerators for Salesforce provides capabilities to help thoroughly onboard users and quickly get them proficient with Sales Cloud, also providing the context and content they need to be effective in their roles. Empower your admins and sales leaders to rapidly deliver relevant, informative experiences that keep sellers living on the platform without costly, time-consuming custom coding projects.

If you want a gorgeous experience, without large volumes of custom development, accelerators are the quickest path forward. I emphasize this one, because the biggest compliment we can get is ‘that doesn’t look like Salesforce’. Our accelerators get us there quickly. IBM Associate Partner

IBM Salesforce Accelerators were built with the expertise gained from working with clients  who trusted IBM Consulting to help them on their Salesforce journey.

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More customer successes 300% increase in case deflection

A high-tech company consolidated multiple sites and knowledge sources into one centralized hub where customers can find all the information they need. In addition to deflecting cases, accelerators for user groups, ideation, and collaboration led to a 60% increase in page views and 40% increase in engagement.

415% return on experience (ROX)

 A financial services company made a sizable investment in a one-stop shop employee experience for loans, renewals and account management, using several accelerators to implement a self-service portal that quickly increased revenue and cost savings for multiple core business processes.

30% increase in entered and approved sales opportunities

A manufacturing company implemented a community for partners to efficiently navigate common processes, adding in-site training, project tracking and deal registration that improved lead management, increased entered and approved sales opportunities and decreased certification time by 80%.

Resources State of Salesforce

Businesses are continuing to use Salesforce at a rapid pace; however many aren’t getting the full return on that investment. In this report, we explore four key trends that leading businesses are embracing to unlock the next wave of value with Salesforce.

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Tracking return on experience

Did you know that 84% of customers say the digital experience is more important than the products? We need a new metric to quantify the value of digital experience investments: Return on Experience (ROX).

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Make it easy with a digital experience : customer & partner edition

Learn about seven easy ways to improve your digital experience and make it easier for your customers and partners to do business with you.

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Make it Easy with a Digital Experience: employee Edition

Your company is only as good as your employees. If your people are not satisfied with their own interactions with your business, it’s unlikely that your customers and partners are faring much better.

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Deliver fast and accurate answers and deflect cases with a powerful automated customer service chatbot. Purchase watsonx Assistant, then use the IBM watsonx Assistant for Salesforce accelerator to drag and drop the chatbot into your Salesforce experience.

Salesforce consulting services

IBM Consulting can help you realize the potential of your Salesforce investment, helping you create human-centered experiences for all your users, work smarter with AI and automation and infuse deep industry expertise.

IBM Consulting at Dreamforce

IBM Consulting will host and participate in a wide variety of sessions, discussions, and showcases that help our joint customers unlock the next level of value from their Salesforce investments.

Get a head start on your Salesforce implementations today! 


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