Flexible consumption for IBM® Power® is a pay-for-use model that allows you to dynamically deliver one or more resources on your private server as your business needs change.

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Flexible consumption models for all your capacity planning needs

Metering by the minute of RAM and CPU

Meter representing pay per use by the minute

Pay-for-use by the minute, plus get real-time and historical usage monitoring and analysis, giving you greater operating flexibility.

Minimal base capacity commitment for low acquisition cost

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Choose the level of up-front investment, activate as little as 1 core, 256GB up-front and then pay-as-you-go for additional consumption.

Pool resources to optimize total cost of ownership

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Only IBM Power lets you share your capacity commitment across a pool of resources, giving you maximum utility from your compute resources.

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¹ IBM Power helps deliver a frictionless experience in extending mission-critical workloads across hybrid cloud, without requiring additional middleware or application refactoring.