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Flexible Capacity on Demand for IBM® Power® is a usage-based pricing model for on-premises IBM Power servers.

Dynamically deliver one or more resources on your private server as your business needs change. With flexible consumption for IBM Power, you can optimize IT costs and improve server capacity planning.

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IBM Power: Driving agility and choice with flexible consumption options

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Benefits Flexible consumption models for all your capacity planning needs Metering by the minute of RAM and CPU

Pay-for-use by the minute, plus get real-time and historical usage monitoring and analysis, giving you greater operating flexibility.

Minimal base capacity commitment for low acquisition cost

Choose the level of up-front investment, activate as little as 1 core, 256GB up-front and then pay-as-you-go for additional consumption.

Pool resources to optimize total cost of ownership

Only IBM Power lets you share your capacity commitment across a pool of resources, giving you maximum utility from your compute resources.

Server capacity management
Shared Utility

Power9 and Power10 servers can be purchased with base capacity, which is aggregated and effectively shared across the pool with the remaining capacity on each server is activated when a pool is started and seamlessly available as metered capacity by the minute.

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Elastic capacity

Activate processor cores or memory units daily, as long as you need to, by using a Hardware Management Console to temporarily enable the resources.

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Cloud management console

Manage and monitor your system information with cloud management. Set system limits, plus monitor inventory and performance in a simple and unified location hosted in the IBM Cloud®.

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Resources The new way to pay for IT infrastructure

Better understand flexible consumption-based ways to consume storage, servers and software.

Capacity on demand developer resources

Learn more about Capacity on Demand and how it can help optimize your IT architecture.

Flexibility and choice with new hybrid cloud capabilities

Explore the hybrid cloud capabilities on IBM Power and bring new flexibility to your IT.

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Optimize IT costs with flexible consumption for exemplary server capacity planning.

IBM Power Servers

Explore open, flexible and secure servers built to tackle the most advanced and diverse data-intensive workloads.

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Entitled Systems Support (ESS)

Access and manage IBM Power hardware and software purchased through Digital Sellers, Business Partners or by yourself directly on ESS.

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