IBM Welcomes NIST’s Efforts to Mitigate AI Bias

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IBM today submitted comments to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), in response to both a request for information regarding a proposed artificial intelligence risk management framework and a draft report on addressing bias in AI. IBM’s Chief Privacy Officer Christina Montgomery calls on NIST to take a risk-based approach to future regulation of AI to build trust in responsible technology. Montgomery said:

“Artificial intelligence can make our world smarter, healthier and more prosperous for everyone, but the right guardrails must be in place. IBM welcomes the opportunity to share our risk-based approach to AI policy with NIST and looks forward to working together to promote trust in AI systems.”

A little over a year ago, IBM outlined its precision regulation approach to AI to continue fostering innovation while placing safeguards on problematic use cases of the technology. IBM also recently published policy priorities to mitigate bias in AI, helping operationalize AI ethics and ensure appropriate governance systems are in place to provide oversight.


Click here to download IBM’s response to NIST’s RFI regarding the “Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework.”

Click here to download IBM’s comments on the NIST draft report “A Proposal for Identifying and Managing Bias within Artificial Intelligence.”


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