IBM Urges Senate Action on the Equality Act

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Today, IBM applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the Equality Act (H.R.5), landmark legislation that amends existing civil rights law to provide nationwide protections for LGBT+ people across key areas, including employment, education, housing, credit, public spaces and more.

“Passing the Equality Act is long overdue. LGBT+ Americans deserve equal and consistent protections under the law and IBM is pleased to see the U.S. House passage of the Equality Act,” said IBM Chief Diversity Officer Carla Grant Pickens. “We now urge the Senate to protect the rights of LGBT+ Americans, both in and outside the workplace. No one should have to hide who they are or fear bias, discrimination, or inequality in the workplace, or elsewhere.”

IBM has a long history of fighting discrimination and promoting equality, fairness and inclusion. Our first Equal Opportunity policy was written in 1953, affirming the prioritization of talent and skills in our hiring and employment practices nearly a decade before the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. In 1984, we added sexual orientation to our employee nondiscrimination policy, and we have continually expanded our benefits offerings and programs to ensure that all IBMers are treated equally. Over the past seven years, we have fought against discriminatory “bathroom bills” in a number of states, and we championed Virginia’s 2020 pro-equality law.  We have also advocated for marriage equality provisions and trans rights outside the U.S. on behalf of our employees and their families.

No one should face discrimination for being who they are — not in their workplace, not in their communities or in the places they do business. So today, IBM strongly urges the Senate to take up the Equality Act, to bring it forward for a first-ever vote on the Senate floor, and get this important reform onto the president’s desk for signature.


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