Feature spotlights

User-friendly interface

Tree view tooling makes it easy to program multi-turn dialog and provide response variations based on different conditions. Use folders to keep your dialog nodes organized as you scale and simply set context in the nodes.

Simplified dialog

Collect multiple pieces of information from a user in a single node. Validate if users provide needed information, or add handlers for off-topic queries. Even when a user changes the subject mid-conversation, Watson understands the new intent, and when to return where the user left off.

Pre-built content

Browse from a catalog of already configured customer service and industry content packs to save time and start faster.

Analytics and recommendations

Get insights into conversations, and tailor your training of Watson. Understand how users are engaging and how Watson is performing.

Data privacy

IBM allows you to choose whether your data will be used for improving models. So when you train your model, you can own and protect the insights you have generated.

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