High performance in action

Securely transfer your data anywhere

Big data transport and sync

Quickly transfer, distribute, and sync huge files and data sets globally.

Large file sending and sharing

Accelerate collaboration with teams around the world on big data and large files.

Transfer automation and management

Fully orchestrate, monitor, and control data transfers and workflows.

Any bit-rate streaming

Deliver any size data and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency over the internet.

Hybrid cloud workflows

Architect highly scalable workflows running on premises, in the cloud, or both.

Secure asset exchange

Use blockchain technology to add an additional layer of security to digital asset movement through multicloud architectures.

National Instruments accelerates development by 95 percent

Using the patented high-speed file transfer technology in IBM Aspera, National Instruments was able to significantly accelerate its global software development pipeline by synchronizing large software builds between teams at 17 sites around the world from its centralized data center in Austin, Texas.

The deployment made development timelines and costs far more reliable and predictable while significantly reducing the risk of delivery. Now the company is more responsive to customers and ultimately develops innovative products and features faster.

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Migrate data

Utilize high-speed transfers for data migration to, from, and between on-premises data centers and any major cloud.

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Diagram of Aspera data migration from on-premises to cloud, private cloud, or back to on-premises
Diagram of Aspera data delivery involving a cloud data center, on-premises location, and three users

Deliver data

Deliver and distribute data of any size at maximum speed between systems, employees, customers, and partners around the world. 

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Automate workflows

Automate processing required by video and big data workflows, regardless of file size or format, transfer distance, or network conditions.

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Diagram of how Aspera helps automate file-based workflows
Diagram of Aspera collaboration capabilities in a multi-cloud SaaS deployment


Reliably and securely send and share large files and folders stored in on-premises data centers and major clouds.

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Sync data

High-speed backup and replication of big data repositories made up of either millions of small individual files or very large data sets.

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Diagram of Aspera data synchronization in a mesh deployment

Aspera technology helps clients succeed

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¹ Based on 100 TB transferred from the U.S. to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with 0.0025% packet loss   

² Based on 100 GB transferred from the U.S. to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with 0.1% packet loss