Archive Manager for z/VM manages disk space, aids compliance

IBM® Archive Manager for z/VM® is a storage and data management solution. It enables you to archive and recall historical and infrequently used data. This capability helps you manage disk space more efficiently and comply with requirements mandated by fiscal or legal regulations and policies. Archived files can be recalled using an interface that provides filtering to help find the files you need.
IBM Archive Manager for z/VM

Improve disk space management

Archive CMS and non-CMS data to place infrequently accessed files or entire minidisks on to a choice of target media—disk or tape.

Increase data availability

Control Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) usage and reclaim valuable DASD space.

Retrieve files fast

Find and retrieve archived files using wildcard characters to find files that meet specific criteria.

Protect data

Help ensure archived data is protected by enabling administrators to control access to data in the archive.