Immutable object storage from IBM Cloud® is designed to help clients preserve records and maintain data integrity in a Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM), non-erasable and non-rewritable manner to protect against deletion or modification until the end of retention periods and the removal of any legal holds.

Creating and enforcing retention policies

Preserving data for a specific duration of time (retention period) starts by adding a retention policy to an IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket by using UI or through an API. A retention policy at the bucket level allows the flexibility of specifying a default, minimum and maximum retention period, which helps govern data retention requirements.


Using object-level retention

Immutable object storage from IBM also provides the ability to enforce retention at an object level. This is accomplished by using default retention periods set at the bucket level or by using a custom retention period that can be added when objects are written. A legal hold can also be applied at the object level — preventing data deletion until the completion of any specific audit activity. Retention period and legal hold(s) can be applied to a single object or multiple objects during data ingest into IBM Cloud Object Storage. Objects cannot be deleted until the retention period has expired and all legal hold(s) have been removed.

Diagram illustrating the protection of data against deletion or modification to comply with regulations


  • Ability to set retention policy on a bucket and specify retention period
  • Support for variable user-defined retention periods
  • Object written to a bucket with a retention policy can inherit the default retention period or have a user-defined retention period
  • Individual object within a bucket with a retention policy can have legal hold(s) — preventing object from being deleted or overwritten
  • Use of API extensions for setting and viewing retention period at a bucket and object level
  • Ability to efficiently set and manage retention periods by using enhanced UI