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How RSG Media uses dashDB and Cloudant

RSG Media Solutions Architect Shiv Sehgal discusses how dashDB and Cloudant are helping the company serve up useful analytics

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Delhaize America

Hear how Delhaize America is using Big Data and IBM Cloud Data Services to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

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IBM dashDB Overview Whitepaper

Technical whitepaper outlining the dashDB service, key features and use cases for cloud data warehouses.

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Ultra Fast Answers with dashDB MPP on Intel Architecture

IBM dashDB MPP servers based on Intel architecture provide a high velocity cloud data warehouse service.

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IBM dashDB Quick Start Guide

New to dashDB and want to learn more? Here are some tutorials and videos to get you up and running fast.

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TDWI Checklist Report: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Learn best practices that will position you to take advantage of a cloud-based data warehousing solution, such as dashDB.

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