Emerge Smarter

Ignite a smarter business, built for change and rooted in humanity

Discover our virtual experience from March 11

Join us on March 11, 2021

As businesses and society face uncertain times in a disruptive era, leadership and ingenuity are required like never before. In this new normal, leaders need to rethink next steps for the health of their organization, their workforce and for a sustainable society.

Join our Emerge Smarter Virtual Experience on March 11, 2021, a free virtual event designed for leaders to speed up recovery and business transformation whilst defining new ways of working to strengthen resiliency.

Our moderator, Hanne Decoutere, will be your guiding light throughout the event and will take you through 2 central themes: Change as a constant and Humanity at the core, while our local artist, The Starlings, will light up your senses along the event with live music.

Watch the replay and hear through spotlight sessions, panel discussions, inspiring cases and music how to emerge stronger and smarter.

Change as a constant

As change remains the name of the game, leaders recognize they need to step up in their digital and business transformation to emerge smarter. Adaptive organizations built for resiliency and change can emerge stronger than before. New ways of working and new business models are part of the new normal. This requires the rethinking of organizational and operational strategy. In parallel, shifting to hybrid cloud-based business activities and embracing technologies, such as AI and automation, can speed up recovery and digital transformation to emerge smarter.

Humanity at the core

People are the key to success. Organizations who lead, engage and enable their workforce with inspirational leadership increase resiliency. Enabling a diverse workforce and building trust and confidence among employees is a great starting point. Also, providing support for more flexible work options (like hybrid models of remote and in-office work), emphasizing employees’ mental health and well- being, and a skills and talent development strategy, helps in driving trust and binding the right talent to the organization long-term and post-pandemic.