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Leverage AI for fraud

Operationalize anti-fraud on the mainframe to reduce losses in banking, credit cards and payments.

Quantum-safe security

See the actions you should take now to protect your data in the future.

Tackle mainframe modernization

Explore the best practices for mainframe modernization for today’s technology leaders.

IBM Redbooks®

Technical guide

Take a deep dive into the technical details of IBM z16.

Functional matrix

Learn what features and functions are supported on IBM Z.

IBM z16 Redbooks

Explore more information and technical insights about IBM z16.

Client and Business Partner stories

Software AG

Accelerating time-to-market by modernizing existing workloads, building new applications, and innovating with low-code tools and agile development practices.

SunTec Xelerate

Maximizing profits with relationship-based pricing and dynamic offers in real time.


Creating new value with every customer interaction through AI-driven insights and actions.


Groundbreaking innovation

Learn how IBM z16 brings real-time AI for transaction processing at scale for hybrid cloud.

Quantum-safe security

Explore how you can prepare for the next era of computing with quantum-safe cryptography.

Lower costs and increase ROI

Achieving a modernized business is easier than ever before with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center.