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IBM SPSS software for education

IBM SPSS® software enables educators to teach effectively, helps students gain critical analytical skills and supports more accurate and insightful institutional research and decision-making. Read on to learn more about SPSS academic software.


For campus-wide and administrators

If you are looking to leverage the power of predictive analytics at your educational institution, SPSS Campus Edition is the product for you. Alternatively, if you are an administrator looking to improve student retention and graduation rates, SPSS has a variety of licensing options available to help you make complex decisions. Visit our campus page for more info.

For teachers and researchers

Are you looking to teach with SPSS Software? If so, we offer the full capability of our software at a special price for education. This includes an extensive curriculum as well as a variety of teaching materials and resources. Choose SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack or SPSS Modeler MAP to help you get the most out of teaching with SPSS.

For students

Are you a student looking to expand your range of analytical skills? If so, take advantage of SPSS Statistics Gradpack, our student edition of SPSS Statistics, at a special student discount. Distinguish yourself as a future applicant in an ever-changing competitive landscape with top-notch analytical skills and a proficiency in IBM SPSS Statistics.

Products and programs

SPSS Statistics Campus

IBM SPSS Campus Edition licensing plan offers maximum flexibility and scalability by enabling schools to provide unlimited access to authorized users while streamlining software delivery and administration.

SPSS Statistics Faculty Pack

Faculty Packs are cost-effective, single-user licenses that enable educators to easily integrate statistics and quantitative methodology into their curriculum.

SPSS Modeler MAP

IBM SPSS MAP is a program that provides no cost use of SPSS Modeler Premium data mining and text analytics software for classroom teaching and research.

SPSS Statistics Gradpack

Gradpacks are affordable, single-user licenses that provide students with essential analytical tools to support their graduate and undergraduate studies.


How advanced statistical analysis can benefit academia

This knowledge brief highlights the benefits academic institutions achieve by incorporating advanced statistical analysis into their activities.

Empower your educational institution to make the best decision every time using SPSS Statistics

Learn how predictive analytics bridge the gap between data analysis, predictive insights and improved outcomes. Empower your educators and administrators to be smarter about leveraging data to improve the student lifecycle and reach institutional objectives.

G2 Crowd Spring Leader Report

Discover why IBM SPSS Statistics continues to rank in the Leader quadrant in this G2 Grid® Report for Statistical Software.

Case studies

University of Connecticut and VineSleuth

A team of University of Connecticut students used IBM® Watson Analytics™ to prove wine advisor’s VineSleuth taste assessors produce genuinely unique results.

University of Florida

The University of Florida uses IBM Analytics solutions to monitor and predict students’ performance and help them stay on the path to success.


SPSS Support for Students

Having trouble with your software? Use the support resources link to learn how to get in touch with your vendor for support needs. In addition, get links to our community and forums for self-service support.

Student support

For student support contact the vendor you purchased from, or check out our student forum and additional resources.