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Add license insights when automating application resource management to help eliminate compliance risks
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Automate license compliance and resource optimization

Help eliminate surprise billings and true-ups with enhanced visibility. Flexera One with IBM Observability and IBM Turbonomic® provide real-time visibility to manage risk in IT environments, ensure performance and optimize IT asset spend through automation.

Enforce software compliance and optimize resources Real-time visibility and automation help optimize your IT resource investment and manage risk Avoid surprise billings

Prevent over-allocation of resources and support license workloads by using automation to avoid excess software license use. Reduce costs by eliminating surprise billings and true-ups through enhanced visibility.

Improve security

Expose back-level software versions using insights into license and app performance data. You can also reduce security vulnerabilities and automate tasks for managing compliance with software licenses to control spending. 

Reduce license costs

Generate automatable actions to adjust physical and virtual licenses to match the exact workload resource demand, eliminating unnecessary spend. Reconcile purchased software license entitlements with installations and usage to optimize costs. 

IT asset management Visualize your entire IT estate and make data-driven decisions from on-premises to SaaS to the cloud. Access power to manage risk, reduce costs and optimize technology investment—so you can invest in innovation. Learn more about Flexera One with IBM Observability

Application resource management Automatically deliver the resources your applications need to perform on premises, multicloud, hybrid cloud or any cloud while adhering to your business policies. Learn more about IBM Turbonomic
IT asset management

Track and make strategic decisions about IT assets.

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