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Four people, the New Creators of Middle East

We are no longer limited by what technology can do, only by what we can imagine.

Jamil Barakat portrait
Jamil Barakat portrait
Start with a clear vision and map a path to make that vision a reality.”

Jamil Barakat

Executive Vice President, Business Technology Division, Riyad Bank

Large-scale transformation is uncomfortable. But Jamil decided that a little discomfort was worth the operational, financial and reputational payoff of addressing evolving customer needs.

To overcome internal resistance and still serve a changing customer landscape, Jamil helped migrate legacy infrastructure and applications to open platforms — accelerating application development and rollout while minimizing disruption.

Meet customer needs with hybrid cloud

Shatssy Hassan portrait
Shatssy Hassan portrait
Creativity comes from within you and is reflected in every aspect of your life and what you do”

Shatssy Hassan

Chief Security Officer, Commercial International Bank

In a country where only 6% of leadership roles are held by women, Shatssy is making big impact as the CSO of a leading bank. Her ambition is groundbreaking – she looks to change the way banking is done in Egypt and around the world.

From automating onboarding processes to delivering the future of banking through zero-trust, Shatssy is creating new security standards that promote resilience and reputation.

Set the stage for innovation

Let’s create ↷something that changes everything

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