The workload challenge

Your workloads have different, often competing, completion and resource requirements. These requirements must be balanced in order to make the best use of the resources of an installation, maintain the highest possible throughput and achieve the best possible system responsiveness.

Why IBM Z?

One of the strengths of the IBM Z platform and the z/OS operating system is the ability to run multiple workloads at the same time within one z/OS image or across multiple images. IBM Z can best use of the installation resources, maintain the highest possible throughput and achieve the best possible system responsiveness. Dynamic workload management, such as the Workload Management (WLM) component of the z/OS operating system, makes this possible. 


Clients have increased workloads by 600% by migrating to Z


IBM Z is known for 99.999% application availability


90% of the world's airlines and 44 of the top 50 banks run on Z

Featured products

IBM Workload Manager for z/OS (WLM)

Define performance goals for workloads in business terms. WLM will monitor the system and adapt how much resource, such as CPU or storage, should be given to meet those goals.

IBM z/OS Management Facility (zOSMF)

Manage your z/OS systems through a browser at any time, from any location, and reduce the expertise needed to manage WLM service definitions and resources.

IBM z/OS Resource Measurement Facility (RMF)

Collect performance data for z/OS and Sysplex environments and tune and configure your system with this optional feature.

z/OS Capacity Provisioning (CPM)

Designed to simplify capacity management, CPM addresses capacity requirements for short-term workload and processor utilization fluctuations for which On/Off Capacity on Demand or soft capping changes apply.

More products

IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS Management Suite

Easily manage and monitor your IBM Z operating system, networks, and storage subsystem.

IBM OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS

Simplify the management of z/OS with a single tool set.

IMS Performance Solution Pack for z/OS

Improve analyst productivity and IMS application performance.

IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS

Embrace an integrated, intelligent IT operations experience.

IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS

Maximize velocity and optimize resources with IBM Z workloads.

IBM Z Application Performance Management Connect

Monitor performance from device to back end.

WLM resources

Find tools, education, and product information.

RMF resources

Find presentations, the latest information and tools.

CPM resources

Find tips, education and product information.


See how a company transformed, sped up development, and increased profitability.


Learn about z/OS Capacity Provisioning Manager.

z/OS Workload Management

Understand the functions of workload management and how to make the most of it.


Understand z/OS Resource Monitoring Facility, what it can do, and how to use RMF sessions.


Learn about the functions of Capacity Provisioning and how to make the most of it.

WLM Redbook

Learn about effective performance analysis and how to use the WLM functions for better throughput in your environment.

RMF Redbooks

Learn about performance monitoring using Resource Measurement Facility (RMF)

CPM Redbooks

Learn about Capacity on Demand on IBM Z mainframes.

RMF spreadsheet reporter

The RMF spreadsheet reporter is the powerful workstation solution for graphical presentation of RMF Postprocessor data.


RMF PM Java Technology Edition is a graphical enhancement for RMF online monitoring to analyze RMF Monitor III data on your workstation.

RMF XML toolkit

The RMF XML toolkit helps you view RMF Postprocessor reports in XML format with an internet browser.

LPAR design tool

This tool helps you plan the LPAR layout of your Central Processor Complexes.

Topology Report

The report displays logical processor topology.

SMF 113 reporting

This reporting tool provides insight into usage of cache structures.

Service Definition Formatter

Use this tool to format your WLM service definition on your workstation.


This small, ISPF-based tool displays application environments currently used on your z/OS system.

Introducing IBM HMC Mobile

Monitor your IBM Z mainframes and partitions from anywhere in the world.

See what IBM Z can do for workload management