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GDPS: The Enterprise Continuous Availability / Disaster Recovery Solution

IBM GDPS Active/ Active Overview and Planning

5 Things to know about GDPS Active/Active

GDPS Metro 4.2 Implementation Workshop

Montpellier, France

GDPS Metro 4.2 Implementation Workshop

Atlanta, Georgia USA
End: 18-Oct.-19

How to enroll:  Click on "View Classroom Schedule." If the details are not visible, click on the "Enroll" button and fill in the required enrollment information.

For additional information, go to the LearnQuest (IBM Global Training Provider) web site: (Link resides outside or contact (cell phone: +33-670274066)

If you have a specific GDPS education request not addressed on this page, send an email to:

DS8886/DS8886F qualifications

Read the IBM qualification and test summary letters.

Hitachi VSP qualifications

Read the summaries of the 2018 GDPS testing with the Hitachi VSP G1500 and G1000 series products.

Disk replication protocols

GDPS is designed to work with Metro Mirror (PPRC), z/OS Global Mirror (XRC) or Global Mirror disk replication protocols supported by the DS8000 family and made available to vendors. Some disk features require specific commands to be sent to the disk subsystem.

GDPS qualified DWDM vendors

Find a list of products tested and qualified by IBM using the laboratories and procedures used to test a GDPS environment and Server Time Protocol (STP).

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