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GDPS Metro uses a combination of storage subsystem and Parallel Sysplex technology triggers to capture a consistent secondary site copy of the data using the PPRC freeze function. This function is designed to automatically freeze the image of the secondary data at the very first sign of a disaster. This prevents the logical contamination of the secondary copy of data so your pertinent workloads are always safe.

Features and capabilities

GDPS Metro HyperSwap Manager

Transparently switch primary PPRC disk subsystems with the secondary PPRC disk subsystems for a planned or unplanned outage.

GDPS Global – XRC

Combines hardware and z/OS software for an asynchronous remote copy solution to allow critical data to be mirrored between the primary and secondary sites while maintaining consistency.

GDPS Metro Global – XRC

Metro Mirror with z/OS Global Mirror (MzGM) enables near-continuous availability for a disk control unit failure and offers an option for long-distance disaster recovery and data protection.

GDPS Global – GM

Allows for a two-site automated disaster recovery and backup at virtually any distance for the z/OS and open systems environments by mirroring critical data between primary and recovery sites.

GDPS Metro Global – GM

Metro Mirror with Global Mirror (MGM) offers local high availability combined with regional or long-distance disaster recovery.

GDPS Continuous Availability

Acts as a software-based asynchronous mirroring solution for select z/OS workloads to maintain a consistent copy of data within IMS, within VSAM and within DB2 – at virtually unlimited distances.

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