Installation services

IBM Installation Services for GDPS contains a unique automation code that is highly customized to work with your z/OS environment. Once installed, this application availability solution is designed to help manage the remote copy configuration and storage subsystem(s), automate Parallel Sysplex operational tasks, and perform failure recovery from a single point of control to improve application availability.

The installation service supports:

  • Synchronous Metro Mirror; Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC)
  • Asynchronous Extended Remote Copy (XRC)
  • Asynchronous Global Mirror (GM) disk data mirroring
  • Software-based replication via IBM InfoSphere Data Replication for z/OS (for Db2®, IMS, and VSAM data using the GDPS Continuous Availability solution)

Request installation services

IBM services specialists for onsite implementation will assist you with planning, configuration, automation code customization, testing, and training for IBM's GDPS solutions.

End of service version and dates

GDPS V3.13 | General availability: June 2016 End of service: March 2019

GDPS/Active-Active 1.7 | General availability: December 2016 End of service: June 2019

GDPS V3.14 | General availability: March 2017 End of service: March 2020*

GDPS V4.1 | General availability: March 2018 End of service: March 2021*

GDPS Continuous Availability 2.1 | General availability: March 2018 End of service: March 2021*

GDPS Continuous Availability 2.2 | General availability: March 2019 End of service: March 2022*

*Indicates projected date. Actual end of marketing or end of service date has not been announced yet. All statements regarding the future direction and intent of IBM are subjected to change or withdrawal without notice and represents goals and objectives only.

GDPS related services

GDPS technical consulting workshop

Provides access to IBM GDPS/Sysplex service specialists who lead an onsite planning workshop. The specialist can then assess your GDPS availability and recovery solution needs to improve cross-site connectivity, GDPS requirements and next steps.

Business Resiliency Services

Helps you identify and address resiliency synchronization between business processes, applications and IT infrastructure. IBM provides flexible business continuity and disaster recovery consulting and services.