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Generate sub-capacity reports or multiplex reports. You must submit SCRT report(s) to IBM each month in order to qualify for sub-capacity or multiplex charges.

Sysplex Calculator

No-charge, downloadable tool to help you assess whether your Parallel Sysplex qualifies for aggregation. Will analyze Systems Measurement Facility (SMF) data from two or more machines and produce a report describing which Parallel Sysplex each machine belongs to.

VU Converter

Use in conjunction with pricing/licensing activities for IPLA (one-time charge) mainframe products which have Value Unit pricing.


Designed primarily for planning purposes in situations where the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) could not run. Runs on any mainframe analyzes (post-processes) any SMF70 records.


You may be required to use the SCRT89 Record Utility program to post-process your SCRT89 data prior to running the SCRT.

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