What is Tailored Fit Pricing?

Tailored Fit Pricing is a new, flexible software pricing model that dramatically simplifies the existing pricing landscape through flexible deployment options tailored to your IBM Z® environment.

Two new pricing solutions, Enterprise Consumption and Enterprise Capacity, offer alternatives to the rolling four-hour average (R4HA) based pricing model for new and existing workloads.

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Enterprise Consumption Solution

This cloud-like, usage-based licensing model offers price predictability and financial certainty.

Enterprise Capacity Solution

This full-capacity licensing model offers the simplest software pricing available.

Development and Test Solution

Eliminate capping, even during peaks, with a low-cost, high-capacity z/OS® environment.

New Application Solution

Get predictability and value transparency with consumption pricing for new z/OS apps.

Hear from customers

Gains resiliency

"Z delivers the resiliency, security and agility we need to make sure that our millions of customers can access our services anywhere, anytime, using any device.” — Waldemar Ruggiero Jr., Executive GM, Banco Bradesco

Optimizes costs

"Tailored Fit Pricing is helping us optimize the cost to run the platform so we can utilize it to its maximum potential while being able to respond to unpredictable demands.” — Trirat Suwanprateeb, SVP and CTO, Siam Commercial Bank PCL

Removes guess work

"With Tailored Fit Pricing, we don’t have to worry about predicting demand anymore. Instead, we can leave capacity on — and pay only for what we use." – Terry Glover, Director of Infrastructure, Dillard’s

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