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IBM Z software pricing allows clients to use the model that works best so they can run more of their workloads and applications on the most securable and reliable platform.

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Updates to Container Pricing
As an enhancement to the Container Pricing New Application Solution, IBM has announced Solution Consumption License Charges (SCLC). You can now pay as you go when deploying new applications on the z/OS platform.

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New Application Solution

Consumption-based pricing for new z/OS-based applications provides predictability, transparency and a direct connection to business value.

Application Development and Test Solution

By eliminating the need for capping, even during production peaks, this solution delivers a low-cost, high-capacity z/OS development environment.

Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP)

CMP is a sub-capacity offering for z/OS and z/TPF clients providing flexibility to deploy workloads across all machines within a country.

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