What’s new in IBM Z software pricing?

Announcing Container Pricing for IBM Z – a groundbreaking new software pricing alternative to traditional capacity based metrics. With Container Pricing you can scale without impacting workloads whether within existing LPARs, through separate LPARs or up to multiple-LPARs. For qualified solutions, it offers competitive metrics and economies with automated billing and simplified software pricing, superseding many existing price offerings.

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Significantly lower the cost of deploying new applications to the z/OS platform, regardless of programming language.

Deployed applications do not directly impact the cost of unrelated workloads, even when colocated in the same LPAR.

Gain z/OS capacity at savings of 50% off the current Multiplex System z New Application License Charge (MzNALC), previously the best IBM new workload pricing metric for z/OS.

The MzNALC MLC price point is used only as a reference for the z/OS charges in the New Application Solution. MzNALC terms and conditions do not apply with this offering.

Explore the Container Pricing solutions

Substantially lower the cost of growth for z/OS-based development and test workloads.

Increase your entitlement for current z/OS-based development and test environment capacity, up to triple its existing size, with no capacity-based increase in MLC software charges for that workload.

This solution can be added to existing contractual loyalty agreements (such as Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs) and Open Infrastructure Offerings (OIOs)), and is also offered through stand-alone transactions.

Explore the Container Pricing solutions

Take advantage of a utility-per-payment-pricing model on the z/OS operating system.

With an upfront purchase of a license entitlement for the FTM product a per-payment price is applied to the number of production payments processed. You are invoiced monthly in arrears for the number of production payments that are processed by FTM.

This removes any direct MSU contribution of the payments processing by FTM, so there is no direct impact to the cost of unrelated workloads.

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Available December 15

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Content Solution

Find all of the technical resources that you need, including a comprehensive collection in Knowledge Center – z/OSMF workflows, demos, podcasts and more.

Dedicated-LPAR solution demo

Watch a demonstration of implementing an Application Development and Test Solution in a dedicated LPAR.

Colocated solution demo

See a demo of implementing a New Application Solution colocated with other workloads on an existing LPAR. The example shows a new CICS Transaction Server application.

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