Modernize and revitalize your storage with IBM Spectrum Virtualize


Different storage systems from IBM and others can be unified under a single interface to simplify and standardize your virtual storage environment


High-availability configurations can support your most demanding business requirements


More data can be stored your existing storage, to reduce your costs and potentially avoid new acquisitions

Improve, secure and simplify data management with virtual storage

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is the efficient, proven foundation for IBM storage virtualization.

You gain an ideal way to manage, protect and encrypt your data across multivendor on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

With IBM storage virtualization, all your storage assets can work together in a consistent manner.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is available for purchase as standalone software

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Efficiency and flexibility for private- and hosted-private clouds and an essential building block for disaster recovery as a service.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

Replication or migration between on-premises and IBM Cloud for data on heterogeneous storage systems.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is bundled with select IBM Storage systems

IBM FlashSystem 9100

NVMe-optimized flash storage accelerates your journey to multicloud. This innovative, flexible virtual storage system reduces costs and stores more data in the same footprint.

IBM FlashSystem V9000

Enterprise all-flash storage accelerates applications and your entire infrastructure. FlashSystem V9000 scales to over 2 PB to meet large-scale demands.

IBM SAN Volume Controller

Enterprise-class storage virtualization supports massive volumes of data from mobile, social and analytics applications, and enables rapid cloud services deployments.


Jointly developed by IBM and Cisco, VersaStack converged infrastructure brings together compute, network and storage resources into highly integrated, tested, and validated architectures.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize is bundled with IBM Storwize systems

Limited time only. IBM Storwize flash drives. Buy two, get one at no charge.

New! IBM Storwize V5000E

IBM Storwize V5010E and Storwize V5030E offer the performance, functionality, and cost-efficiency demanded by midrange workloads.

Storage solutions focused on affordability with a wide range of enterprise-grade features that can easily evolve as your business grows.

New! IBM Storwize V5100

IBM Storwize V5100 offers NVMe-accelerated performance and proven, wide-ranging functionality in affordable storage solutions.

Deploy storage virtualization, NVMe capabilities, flash performance and enterprise capabilities  in one affordable system.