IBM FlashSystem sample configurations

IBM FlashSystem sample configurations

Save on storage with enterprise-class systems built for deployments of all sizes. Select the model and configuration that best meets your needs.

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Why IBM FlashSystem

What is FlashSystem?

FlashSystem operates with Flash Storage, which is a solid-state technology that uses flash memory chips for writing and storing data. It has faster response times (microsecond latency), compared to hard drives with moving components.

IBM Storage Simple solutions for small businesses

Simple solutions for small businesses

Get your small business humming like a big business. Our storage range suits businesses of all sizes, they’re easy to use, easy to manage and backed by IBM smarts.

IBM Storage Advice

Free Storage Advice

Access the same advice as big business. With IBM you get a storage specialist to provide free storage advice as well as help you configure storage solutions to suit your needs.

IBM Storage Solutions

Upgrades Made Easy

Future-proof your storage like big business does. With IBM storage solutions, not only are they self-optimising, but capabilities can be increased at any stage so your storage solutions can grow as your business does.

Why use IBM FlashSystem

Data multiplies rapidly, so a flexible storage solution that can grow with your business is ideal –whether you store on-prem, in the cloud or both. If you’re looking for a data storage solution that offers more for less, IBM FlashSystem is perfect for your business. With effectively managing data growth in mind, it maximises innovation while decreasing complexity and cost.


IBM FlashSystem 5000 has a proven 99.9999% availability. Get an optional 100% guarantee when using Hyperswap.


Rack space reduction with the new 1U FlashSystem FS5200. Provide 100% uptime in just 2U of space.


Number of IBM FlashCore Modules that have ever worn out. Drives up to 38.4TB provide the highest density and in-line compression.

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