What can IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud do for you

IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ and IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ for Public Cloud together support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centers or between cloud data centers. These functions can be used to:
- Migrate data between on-premises and public cloud data centers or between public cloud data centers. Enjoy consistent data management between on-premises storage and the public cloud.
- Implement disaster recovery strategies between on-premises and public cloud data centers.
- Enable cloud-based DevOps with easy replication of data from on-premises sources.
- Improve cyber resilience with copies on AWS using "air gap" snapshots to S3 and IBM Safeguarded Copy on Microsoft Azure.


Hybrid cloud data mobility

Working together with on-premises software, you can replicate or migrate data from any of over 500 supported storage systems so you can add hybrid cloud capability without major new investment.

Deployment designed for the cloud

Select servers and block storage in IBM Cloud or deploy automatically in AWS or Microsoft Azure through their marketplaces. Use pre-tested blueprints to speed deployment.

Flexible monthly pricing

Pay for only the storage capacity you manage on the public cloud, with flexible software monthly pricing available.

Enterprise-class DR on public cloud

Use synchronous or asynchronous native IP-based replication to mirror data to AWS and IBM Cloud, with a multi node configuration for high availability and performance. No extra appliances needed.

Improve cyber resilience

Store isolated copies of critical data with “air gapped” snapshots in Amazon S3 storage. Make frequent immutable backup snapshots of data on Azure with IBM Safeguarded Copy.

Key features of IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud

  • Proven solution
  • Hybrid cloud migration and disaster recovery
  • Multicloud capability for storage you already own
  • Consistent management
  • Rich functionality
  • Easy deployment
  • Comprehensive ecosystem
  • Deploy enterprise-class disaster recovery on public cloud