Modernize data protection with IBM, a recognized leader in data availability for organizations of all sizes

Protect all your data

Physical and virtual environments, and a broad mix of applications, operating systems and backup target devices are supported.

Easily integrate with the most popular cloud solutions

Backup to multiple clouds, recovery in the cloud and protection of born-on-cloud data. All from a single data protection software tool.

Lower total cost of ownership

Unique highly scalable, two-tier architecture, incremental-forever methodology, software-defined compression and data deduplication can reduce infrastructure requirements.

Make data protection easy for virtualized environments

IBM Spectrum Protect includes IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, which simplifies data recovery, availability and reuse for VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Deploy this software in minutes and protect your environment within an hour, as a standalone solution or integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect to offload copies for long-term storage and efficient governance at scale.

Empower a broader set of users with role-based access and easy-to-use data backup and recovery portals. You can enable copy creation and access for new use cases such as DevOps.

Protects virtual, physical, application and cloud data

IBM Spectrum Protect reduces data backup infrastructure costs by as much as 53% with deduplication, incremental 'forever' backup, policy-based administration, and flexibility in your choice of storage. A single instance can protect a very scalable 4PB to 5PB of data. 

Simplifies and automates data center copy management

Next-gen data protection software and DevOps snapshot management make copies available when and where you need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on storage. Deploys as a virtual machine in about 15 minutes, and can coordinate sending data to AWS S3.

Client success story


IBM Partner uses IBM Spectrum Protect to support organizations of all sizes, by protecting and recovering all types of data hosted on-premises and in the cloud.

With IBM Spectrum Protect, Re-Store can reduce backup and data recovery times from hours to minutes for critical data, and enable their customers to significantly lower their storage Capex and Opex.


ESG insight: IBM Spectrum Data Protection is a 'Must See'

IBM offers standalone, reimagined approaches to data protection storage that solve the daunting challenges of virtualization protection and recovery, and copy data management.

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