Certain transactions and relationships

Under IBM’s written related person transactions policy, information about transactions involving related persons is assessed by the independent directors on IBM’s Board. Related persons include IBM directors and executive officers, as well as immediate family members of directors and officers, and beneficial owners of more than five percent of IBM’s common stock. If the determination is made that a related person has a material interest in any IBM transaction, then IBM’s independent directors would review, approve or ratify it, and the transaction would be required to be disclosed in accordance with the SEC rules. If the related person at issue is a director of IBM, or a family member of a director, then that director would not participate in those discussions. In general, IBM is of the view that the following transactions with related persons are not significant to investors because they take place under IBM’s standard policies and procedures: the sale or purchase of products or services in the ordinary course of business and on an arm’s-length basis; the employment by IBM where the compensation and other terms of employment are determined on a basis consistent with IBM’s human resources policies; and any grants or contributions made by IBM under one of its grant programs and in accordance with IBM’s corporate contributions guidelines.

From time to time, IBM may have employees who are related to our executive officers or directors. As noted in the discussion above on “Corporate Governance — Independent Board,” Mr. Eskew’s son is employed by IBM. He is an executive of IBM (not an executive officer). In addition, a brother-in-law of Mrs. V.M. Rometty (Chairman and CEO) and the wife of Mr. R.F. Del Bene (Vice President and Controller) were employed as executives of IBM during 2018. A daughter of Mr. Del Bene and a brother of Dr. J.E. Kelly III (Executive Vice President) are also employed by IBM in non-executive positions. None of the above-referenced family member employees are executive officers of IBM. Each employee mentioned above received compensation in 2018 between $120,000 and $700,000. Additionally, in 2018, Mr. Eskew’s son and the wife of Mr. Del Bene each received equity grants. The compensation, equity grants and other terms of employment of each of the family member employees noted above are determined on a basis consistent with IBM’s human resources policies.

(This information reflects the 2019 Proxy Statement)

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