• Simon J. Beaumont

    Simon J. Beaumont

    Vice President, Tax and Treasurer

  • Michelle H. Browdy

    Michelle H. Browdy

    Senior Vice President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, and General Counsel

  • Robert F. Del Bene

    Robert F. Del Bene

    Vice President and Controller

  • Mark Foster

    Mark Foster

    Senior Vice President, IBM Services and Global Business Services

  • John Granger

    John Granger

    Senior Vice President, Cloud Application Innovation

  • James J. Kavanaugh

    James J. Kavanaugh

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Operations

  • Robert W. Lord

    Robert W. Lord

    Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications

  • Michelle Peluso

    Michelle Peluso

    Senior Vice President, Digital Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

  • Martin Schroeter

    Martin Schroeter

    Senior Vice President, Global Markets, Global Financing, Marketing and Communications

  • Martin Schroeter

    Frank Sedlarcik

    Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and Secretary

  • James M. Whitehurst

    Senior Vice President, IBM and CEO, Red Hat

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