Board and ESG

Board & ESG

Under the guidance and supervision of the Board, IBM pursues the highest standards of corporate responsibility in all we do.

IBM Board of Directors

The IBM Board is composed of a diverse group of members, all leaders in their respective fields. All of the current directors have leadership experience at major domestic and international organizations with operations inside and outside the United States, at academic or research institutions or in government. Directors also have deep industry expertise as leaders of organizations within some of the Company's most important client industries and constituencies. 

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IBM and Good Tech: Modeling responsible stewardship in the digital age

“As we fight one pandemic of global disease, we cannot lose sight of the fact that another pandemic of racial injustice is deeply afflicting our communities. We have a responsibility to confront the dangers and inequalities exposed by these threats.”

  • Arvind Krishna, IBM Chief Executive Officer
Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership

The people who are driving IBM's businesses. Leadership sets direction, creates visions and excitement, aligns people, builds new relationships and structure, and motivates and inspires.