Adopting agile to manage software in the age of IoT

Agile software development uses an iterative process with cross-functional, self-organizing teams to speed the pace and quality of development. By adopting agile, businesses reduce development time by half, software validation testing by up to 90 percent, and see vast improvements in requirements engineering and overall efficiency. Systems engineers who engage agile methods can improve team collaboration and track projects.


Software increasingly defines the customer experience; is your team up to the challenge? 

Billions of new lines of code are generated every year, and your software is in nearly everything your customers touch. Companies most highly proficient and effective in systems and software development gain key business differentiators and competitive advantages.  

Accelerate time to value with agile at scale

Implement agile principles to improve quality, speed time to value, and eliminate waste in product and software engineering. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides enterprises a method to evolve to agile over time across multiple teams and functions.   

Accelerate time to value with agile at scale

Reduce risks and improve quality

Balance speed and reduce risks while improving quality and reducing cost. Find defects faster, receive timely feedback from customers, and allow continual re-ranking of new features to address changing requirements.

Manage the complexity of software development

Learn how embracing agile practices can improve the quality and predictability of your development projects to reduce your risk, improve quality and strengthen software productivity

Products behind this solution

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Base

Integrate requirements management, quality management, configuration management, project planning and tracking to make better development decisions

IBM Engineering Workflow Management

Plan sprints, run standup meetings, track work and streamline team management from one tool – available on premises or on the cloud

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family

Requirements management tools that allow you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes across the development lifecycle

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Telstra expands services with agile

See how improved collaboration, automation of development and testing actions, and adoption of agile practices allowed to Telstra to shorten their development and release cycles and become more customer-centric

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