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Making an impact across three key areas: purpose, roadmap and strategy
Sustainability illustration of sustainable means of transportation represented by a ship and a subway.
Sustainability: Benefiting the environment and the business

Becoming a truly sustainable enterprise is hard. Only 50% of organizations that have sustainability as a top priority can achieve their environmental sustainability goals.¹ Hence, dabbling at the edges no longer suffices. Achieving sustainability demands effort and transformation.

That’s why we have created this guidebook for sustainability trailblazers. It offers a pathway toward prosperity and growth through three actionable steps: understanding the sustainability mindset, building a strategic roadmap and operationalizing the strategy. Are you ready to turn your sustainability goals into enterprise-wide action? Let’s get started.

Three ways to make an impact

Uncover the different methods of making an impact across the key areas of sustainability: purpose, roadmap and strategy.

Chapter 1

Become a sustainability trailblazer

Chapter 2

Build your sustainability roadmap

Chapter 3

Operationalize your strategy

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¹ Sustainability as a transformation catalyst. IBM Institute for Business Value, January 2022.