Retail supply chain management

Delivering goods, when, where and how customers demand has never been more important or complex. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced a shift in the retail industry. With a high-volume of ecommerce online orders over a short period of time, product replenishment has been challenged. To proactively pursue a competitive advantage, efficiently providing an omnichannel customer experience requires retail supply chain management with unparalleled degrees of visibility, transparency and automation. Inventory management, order orchestration and fulfillment processes are all enhanced with artificial intelligence solutions to create the holistic view across the entire supply chain that retail and consumer goods companies need. Blockchain solutions help transform supply chain processes by extending transparency, security and trust to extend across transaction partners.

Retail supply chain case studies


Transforms its supply chain strategy with Industry 4.0 to offer personalized products to multichannel customers faster.


Uses big data to harvest information that empowers small farmers and helps feed a growing world.

Retail supply chain solutions

Be ready for anything

Supply chain management is tested by changing customer demands. The right solution can deliver the visibility and agility to pivot in real time.

Intelligent fulfillment processes

Redefine supply chain best practices to deliver the perfect order while providing trust and transparency throughout your entire supply chain.

The newest industrial revolution

See how digitization and artificial intelligence can build resilience into your operations and achieve the benefits of Industry 4.0.  


A look at people, profits and the planet

Is your retail supply chain ready to address sustainability?

IBM and the ocean decade

Better understanding of critical environmental issues improves decision-making.

The next evolution for consumer supply chains

COVID-19 upended the supply chain, help future-proof operations against volatility.

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