IBM Industry Academy
Thought leadership

Globalization. Climate change. Gender parity. The aging workforce. Data tsunamis. New business models focused on the "platform economy.” The cognitive enterprise.

Members of the Industry Academy come together from across many different industries to share lessons learned and best practices. They also work hand-in-hand with technical visionaries, including members of IBM's Academy of Technology, and other subject matter experts at IBM. Together, they develop leading-edge materials and solutions that drive value for our clients. 

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Global industry agendas

A key area of focus for our members is the development of Global Industry Agendas. As citizens, we are experiencing an unprecedented convergence of business, industry and geopolitical forces. These forces and a combination of exponential technologies are creating sweeping change across industries, and present dramatic opportunities for unprecedented abundance.

Consequences of convergence are widespread and touch us on multiple levels. Individuals are embracing technology and further accelerating disruption, though some fall victim to economic difficulties. Enterprises strive to keep pace with and leverage technologies to create value and remain competitive and relevant. Industry is being radically disrupted by new business models, new interactions and collaboration across traditional boundaries.

Complex and pressing challenges abound. To effectively respond, industry leaders need to think differently and act boldly:

  • Continuously developing and maintaining capabilities and skills to stay ahead of disruption
  • Recognizing opportunities for technology to drive change and exploit new platform-based business models
  • Anticipating and addressing new and changing risks.

We invite you to explore the agenda for your industry and plan a course of action for your organization.

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