Breakout Sessions

Transforming for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Data-Powered Digital Transformation

Smart public-sector organizations are merging the intelligence of data and AI with the speed and efficiency of hybrid cloud to better collect, organize and predict outcomes and automate decisions and processes. This allows organizations to empower individuals to deliver higher-value work and digital transformation. Join this session to learn how the JAIC, is scaling and infusing data and AI effectively to achieve better mission outcomes.

Securing Tomorrow’s Enterprise

The Technology world is rapidly changing with agencies implementing hybrid, multi-cloud solutions and moving increasing workloads to the edge. The proliferation of IOT devices and the rapid adoption of Robotic Process Automation create new attack surfaces across a broader range of critical infrastructure and applications.  Recent breaches have put a heightened focus on cyberthreats. This panel focuses on the steps agencies are taking to secure their enterprises for today and tomorrow.

The Cognitive Enterprise as a Blueprint for Business Transformation

Agencies of all sizes are working through business transformations to achieve enterprise-level modernization by leveraging cognitive capabilities. Built upon concepts like automation and AI, the cognitive enterprise delivers faster intelligence, accelerates workflows, and empowers people to focus on providing greater value to the mission. Join our panel to hear how agencies are transforming business processes to realize dramatic gains in productivity and service delivery

Modernizing in the New Normal

Technology Modernization Fund: Strategies for Winning TMF Pitches

The Office of Management and Budget issued updated guidance regarding priorities and processes for agencies to submit proposals for the Technology Modernization Fund in support of the American Rescue Plan Act. Join us to discuss the four critical areas prioritized under the TMF that also connect with other key priorities in the American Rescue Plan, to include: modernizing high-priority systems, cybersecurity, public-facing digital services and cross-government services.

Innovating in the Face of Modern Challenges

Public-sector organizations are working hard to accelerate innovation and modernization to keep pace with rising constituent and employee expectations. A clear transformative path has emerged to modernize and fulfill mission. However, progress is often slow despite employees’ best efforts. Join us for a discussion with Forrester on how organizations can find success by leveraging container platforms, hybrid technology, open source, and data analysis with the support of strong services partners.

Modernizing from the Mainframe to the Cloud

Mainframes play a critical role in the world’s computing infrastructure across a variety of workloads. Advances in the IBM Z platform have made it possible to enable more advanced computing using modern technologies. During this session, we will discuss how the mainframe is integrating with your hybrid cloud strategy, as well as the challenges and inhibitors you may be facing with your mainframe environment while modernizing applications to enable your development environment and operations.

Securing Against Emerging Threats

Evolving the Security of America’s Space Agency

As the federal government continues to embrace the smart adoption of cloud services, endpoints are moving further and further away from on-premise, physical networks. In the case of NASA, that means space. Join us for a conversation about aligning and integrating an enterprise approach for the cybersecurity of the nation’s space exploration mission, as well as the challenges that arise as NASA modernizes its security approach.

Threat Management: How to be Proactive vs Reactive

Staying a step ahead of adversaries is difficult, but it’s something public sector organizations with highly sensitive data must do. Once a security strategy is defined and all tools and controls are in place, effective and coordinated threat management within that environment is critical but challenging. Join us for a conversation around how public-sector organizations can better interconnect their threat management functions to detect attacks and orchestrate an effective, timely response.

Reshaping Cybersecurity in the Remote Work Era

As we continue into the remote work era, it introduces a new level of security risk. Join a conversation with the U.S. Department of Education, about facing challenges head on as the federal workforce continues on the path to remote work. We will discuss how a department, with a large portfolio of student loans and grants, was able to sustain its personnel working from anywhere without breaches during the SolarWinds attack.

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