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Cloud Pak for Data

Join us as we take a journey into what IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) offers your enterprise, and how users can collaborate, establish data governance practices, and employ analytics and data science. CP4D has been built to incorporate 50+ IBM services, and enables provisioning of databases and services on the Kubernetes-based stack. Learn how the benefits of cloud-native principles are applied, how this foundation enables discovery and self-wiring of services, and how it enables users to collaborate more effectively.

Build and manage integrations in the cloud

IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management, running on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, provides consistent visibility, governance and automation from on-premises to the edge. Enterprises gain capabilities such as multi-cluster management, event management, application management, and infrastructure management. Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management supports management of many key integrations across your hybrid cloud deployments. And see how management of IBM Cloud Pak for Integration and IBM MQ Messaging clusters provides faster MQ discovery, actions, and governance.

Government cloud cyber security

Municipal, state and federal government organizations are moving to the cloud. Advanced threat actors are also moving to the cloud and this has been exemplified by email account theft from the Democratic National Committee. As you manage your enterprise's transition to the cloud, you may experience many cloud environments with your government data.  Join us for a demonstration of a framework that will provide you with a federated search of your cybersecurity information across hybrid multi-clouds.

AI enabled ZeroTrust for mobile devices - The future of mobile management and security

End points continue to be the largest "attack surface" within most networks, and securing them continues to be problematic. Managing endpoints and users is time-consuming with conventional mobile device management and client management system solutions. Smart IT leaders are turning to an AI-enabled unified endpoint management approach that consolidates the management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and IoT devices, along with their data and apps. This allows organizations to easily address proactive alerts of new vulnerabilities, insider threat detection and best practices that are contextually relevant to their specific devices, operating systems and apps.

Contact tracing and care management: Population health for COVID-19

As part of their plans to re-open U.S. economies, governments are increasing efforts around contact tracing and managing the care of those who have tested positive for COVID-19. This demonstration highlights IBM's approach to human-centered contact tracing and integrated care management, including assessing patient needs through structured caseworker interviews; tracing exposed individuals to mitigate the spread of infection; coordinating integrated care for medical and social needs as people recover, and ensuring efficiency by deploying on any device.  Discover how this solution can help state and local governments navigate their return to “normal” and sustain ongoing health and human services support in the COVID-19 recovery period.

Prepare for return to work with Worker Insights

IBM helps federal agencies and public institutions plan and execute return-to-work strategies to ensure safety of worksites and employees. During this session, you will learn how to monitor the health, temperature and other biometric data of your employees to reveal fever, body stress and other symptoms that might limit their suitability for work. As well, we’ll share how to maintain a safe work environment by monitoring and managing potentially crowded areas to help ensure compliant and safe working conditions.

Securely move data at the speed and scale of your business with IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

Your processes are critically dependent on information shared through documents and files. In fact, according to research, 55 percent of all systems integration is still done through file transfer. So how do you ensure continuous, secure data exchange when 42 percent of file transfer systems are limited by growth in file volumes, and 63 percent are limited by the complexity of B2B transfers? You do so with IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer, which can help you securely move data at the speed and scale of your business.

RAPID supplier connect

In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, one of the supply chain challenges is that healthcare providers and governments are sourcing from new and non-traditional suppliers in a supply constrained environment. To begin purchasing from them at scale, buyers — including hospitals, state procurement divisions, pharmacies and others — need help identifying these new suppliers, efficiently vetting and on-boarding them, and understanding their real-time inventory availability

Governance, risk management, and compliance in the cloud

Organizations today struggle to introduce consistent security across a hybrid multi cloud ecosystem. In this demonstration, you’ll learn how the IBM Cloud Pak® for Multicloud Management helps enforce a prescriptive security posture by providing comprehensive and dynamic governance, risk management, and compliance capability. See how compliance for containers and virtual machines can inform and enforce security policies for your enterprise.