Morning Keynote

Leveraging digital technologies to reshape the world

Sreeram Visvanathan | Global Managing Director, IBM Global Markets

The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate. Governments are dealing with a perfect storm of compelling social, economic, political issues that are shaping society and creating a world of endless possibilities. How can Governments get better outcomes from their digital technology investments and help shape society for the future?

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Morning Keynote

Accelerating Your Journey to AI

Rob Thomas | General Manager, IBM Analytics

Organizations recognize data is what fuels digital transformation.  Because of this, they are looking for new ways to unlock the value of their data and accelerate their journey to AI. That is why 80% of them view AI as a strategic opportunity.Yet, only 19% of organizations understand the data required for AI. Successful organizations apply a prescriptive approach to climbing the ladder to AI, based on a unified architecture that delivers everything they need for enterprise AI, on any cloud. During this session, we will explore best practices for public sector organizations when it comes to data management tools, next-generation applications, and deploying an information architecture for AI.

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Afternoon Keynote

From Insight to Inspiration - The evolving role of AI in our lives

Rob High | IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Watson

With the debut of modern AI in 2011 we have seen a proliferation of this technology in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. AI enables a very unique way of applying information computing to the human experience and has driven insights about human perception that we are often not fully aware of. But the greater utility of AI is when it augments our own human intelligence -- augmented intelligence rather than artificial intelligence -- to inspire us to new perspectives, alternative considerations, overcoming our biases; in essence, to help us think of the questions we're not thinking to ask -- improving our ability to make decisions and solve problems. In this talk we will outline Watson's AI capabilities to assist solutions that bring insight, and inspire better decisions. We will discuss the journey we are on to create AIs that both offload the mundane and tedious, and in doing so help people do what they do better.                   

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Closing keynote session

DevOps and Culture

John C.P. Allessio | Senior Vice President, Red Hat Global Services

Digital Transformation. Everyone is trying to do it…but what does success really look like in the enterprise, and is there a common thread that is driving success?In this session, John Allessio will explore the common misunderstandings and challenges in Digital Transformation efforts. He will discuss the ways many businesses focus on the 'digital' and not the 'transformation'. At the end of this session, attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of strategies to use culture to drive successful transformations, and if culture isn’t at the core of your transformation efforts, you may just be positioning your next iteration of technical debt. 

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The Cloud Adoption Playbook

Proven Strategies for Transforming your Agency

Ndu Emuchay, Global Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Adoption Initiatives, IBM Distinguished Engineer IBM Hybrid Cloud

In The Cloud Adoption Playbook, IBM cloud leaders use a series of case studies to identify the questions to ask and necessary steps to ensure cloud adoption works for the unique needs of your organization. The author joins us at this session to share the book’s key messages to help you leverage cloud as a tool to drive digital transformation.

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