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Transmission and distribution

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Add a layer of intelligence to your utility

Create a more responsive delivery network—one that constantly balances the needs of supply, demand, service, and cost with regulatory and environmental compliance. To transform your utility network, you need smart grid technology solutions that help you:

Increasing visibility into grid performance can lead to reducing outage minutes by 20-50%. Source: DONG Energy.

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Smart metering

Automatically collect, transport, analyze and manage the data gathered from meters and other intelligent devices. Using a combination of digital sensors, network and data management, and advanced analytics, you can understand demand in near real time, identify and respond to outages faster, improve productivity and safety by automating tasks, and ensure compliance with regulations. Greater insight into energy consumption patterns enables you to generate accurate load profiles for better resource planning and provide time-based billing to reward customers for off-peak use.

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Meter and device data management for energy and utilities (748KB)

Enemalta and Water Services Corporations build a smarter energy and water system
The island of Malta built a nationwide system where smart meters monitor electricity and water usage in near-real-time, and customers who consume less energy and water are rewarded.
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Intelligent electric vehicle enablement platform

Support the growing adoption of electric vehicles with an open, cloud-based platform that integrates the processes and systems involved in electric vehicle charge management. Charge post operators can manage charging, payments and billing across multiple charge networks, equipment types and locations. Energy providers can mitigate the impact of vehicle charging on overall grid load by devising schedules that optimize charging times and by implementing variable pricing to encourage charging during off-peak times.

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Intelligent electric vehicle enablement offering (611KB)

Smarter charging: The key for electric vehicles
Learn how to meet the growing demands of electric vehicle charging through smarter systems for managing electric vehicle data and payment options.
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ESB Networks to develop electric vehicle smart charging IT system
ESB Networks is implementing one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks in Europe. The system creates a common platform which provides authentication, payment, settlement and grid support services between multiple service providers and electricity networks.
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Grid operations

Monitor and manage your grid infrastructure holistically by integrating your energy management systems, asset management systems, compliance and regulatory reporting, and security and risk management practices. Using hardware, software, tools and methodologies that unite your operating environment, you can leverage information to improve network performance and optimize business processes, reduce outages and outage response times, improve asset utilization, and streamline regulatory compliance and reporting.

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Grid operations for energy and utilities (148KB)

Asset and workforce management

Maximize the productivity of your physical assets, IT infrastructure and workforce with solutions that provides capabilities in three key areas: Enterprise asset-management helps you manage reactive, preventative and planned maintenance of your assets and allows you to capture the knowledge and critical skills of an aging workforce. Asset lifecycle management helps you manage, track, and control all asset-related information and business processes through the complete asset lifecycle - from design through construction, operation, maintenance, and retirement. Mobility offerings help you optimize utilization of a mobile workforce via more efficient scheduling and dispatch, improved real-time communication between the field and dispatch center, and timely access to vital work order information. Together, these solutions help you reduce downtime, decrease operation and maintenance costs, manage inventory and administrative costs, and improve customer service.

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Utilities improve efficiency with enterprise asset management (742KB)

Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority optimizes utilization of field workforce
This supplier of electricity and water to over 2 million people in the emirate of Abu Dhabi implemented an asset management platform that optimized the use of their field workforce and reduced their annual maintenance plan by approximately 40%.
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DTE Energy consolidated and integrated business systems and processes
Re-designing and standardizing business processes across all units helped this highly diverse energy company improve transparency and decision-making and save a projected $75 million USD in annual operating costs.
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IUN Communications networks

Modernize your communications network to enable reliable and secure information exchange across all components of your grid. Using a vendor-neutral approach and a range of services that include network planning, design, implementation and operation, you can gain critical visibility into your communications infrastructure and position your utility to meet current and future smart grid needs. An integrated communications network enables you to manage, monitor and automate your network to improve performance, consolidate your network to reduce costs, connect intelligent devices, and counter cyber threats to manage risk.

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IBM Intelligent Utility Network communications services (683KB)

Vermont Electric Power Company to build next-generation communications network
A new communications system will improve Vermont's electric infrastructure by capturing information about grid usage, voltage, existing or potential outages, and equipment performance enabling utilities to improve power quality and avoid power outages - or resolve them faster.
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