Evolution of cellular technology and the benefits in each Generation from 1G to 5G is an interesting topic of discussion. The latest in cellular technology 5G offers tremendous benefits to consumers and Industries.  In this presentation, we will take a look at interesting use cases that 5G technology brings to the table and also how it helps in bringing IOT and cloud closer in an Enterprises world.

Session Date and Time

Date: 25th November 2020

Time: 4 PM - 5 PM

About The Speaker

Srinivas Prasad (Srini) is IBM world wide Sr offering Manager working on the development of Private 5G for Enterprises solution . He has an extensive experience for over 2 decades in the IT Industry working on various solutions and platforms. His expertise spans from being part of development of core Operating systems to application stack . Srini has led large world wide teams in Infrastructure , Cloud and Telecom during his professional career.

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