Identity and access management (IAM) solutions

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Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for securing the hybrid multicloud enterprise. Smart, modern identity solutions deliver a frictionless and secure experience for every user, asset and data interaction providing a foundation for a zero trust strategy.

Grant access rights, provide single sign-on from any device, enhance security with multifactor authentication, enable user lifecycle management, protect privileged accounts, and more.


Protect your business Ensure that the right people have the right access and discreetly verify user identities when they log in and throughout the session. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to make smarter, better-informed decisions to modify users’ access, you’ll uncover outliers and toxic combinations of entitlements. Enable digital transformation Quickly enable access to resources and applications, whether in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid cloud. Whether you're providing access to enterprise users, privileged administrators or consumers, you’ll be able to offer the seamless experience your users expect. Establish compliance Regulations come and go. It was SOX yesterday, GDPR and PSD2 today, and it will be something else tomorrow. Centrally manage access certifications, on- and off-boarding, and separation of duties violations, so you’re prepared to meet new regulations when they arise.

Case studies

How one company boosts business agility with cloud-based identity management A boutique asset management firm sought to provide its high-end clients with innovative services. Working with an IBM Business Partner, it put in place IBM Security Verify Access for its digital wealth management platform, so clients, advisors, brokers and others can use one set of credentials to log in on any device and access all resources — knowing that personal and company data is protected against cybercriminals. Read how cloud IAM transformed the firm

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Privileged access management solutions

Reduce the risk of cyber attack and secure digital business with privileged access management, application control and endpoint privilege security.

Access management solutions

Modernize with cloud access management and authentication.

Identity governance solutions

Provision, audit and report on user access and activity through lifecycle, compliance and analytics capabilities.

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