Introducing IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

Efficiently identify security and compliance risk associated with GDPR-related data using cloud-based data discovery, data classification, and vulnerability scanning.

A single data protection infrastructure for your entire environment

Support your entire data protection journey with the same infrastructure and approach. IBM Security® Guardium® helps ensure the security, privacy and integrity of your critical data across a full range of environments—from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more.

Why IBM Security Guardium

Analyze your data risk

Automatically discover and classify sensitive data, uncover usage patterns and assess compliance risks.

Protect your critical data

Extensive audit capabilities, use of encryption, masking, redaction, and dynamic blocking and alerting.

Seamlessly adapt to changes

Support traditional and new data technologies, such as Hadoop, noSQL and cloud.

Guardium products

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases

Monitor access to data sources, automate compliance controls, and protect sensitive data.

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

Leverage GDPR compliance analysis-as-a-service to efficiently find personal data, understand data exposures, and act to minimize risk.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Files

Continuously monitor unstructured data access and protect sensitive data across the enterprise.

IBM Guardium Multi-Cloud Data Protection

Protects data from misuse whether it resides in single cloud, multiple clouds, or hybrid environments.

IBM Multi-Cloud Data Encryption

Safeguards data from misuse whether it resides in single cloud, multiple clouds or hybrid environments with encryption capabilities.

IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence

Enrich your existing data security solution by creating an optimized security big data lake.

IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager

Centralize, simplify and automate encryption key management to help minimize risk and reduce costs.

IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data

Built on a scalable architecture with full visibility on data activity; supports both Hadoop and NoSQL.

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment

Scan and detect data repository vulnerabilities on a scheduled basis and harden the environment.

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Compliance is a pit stop—your destination lies ahead

Start here in your data security journey.

Clear the path to the GDPR

Accelerate your efforts to meet the May 2018 deadline.

Secure the data that powers your business

Breaches are more common and more expensive.

The Total Economic Impact of IBM Security Guardium

The Forrester Consulting study helps you understand how to achieve cost and risk reductions, increase productivity and evaluate ROI.