Build your business, by design

IBM iX® is your global experience design partner within IBM Consulting™. Working at the intersection of business, design and technology, we help the world’s most influential companies create experiences, products and services that reinvent their relationships with customers and employees. 

With experience capabilities and partnerships spanning strategy, design, development and operations across a global network of 60 studios, our human-centered approach to business design helps accelerate innovation and transformation at scale.

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Designing experiences, products and services

IBM iX helps the world’s most influential companies reinvent their relationships with customers and employees.

Personalized experiences with IBM and Adobe

Consulting partners for more than 20 years, we help clients deliver more personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty and trust.

Create business value with Salesforce

We combine the power of Salesforce with open, emerging technologies, deep industry and human-centered design, and impactful data insights. 

Customer experience transformation

With consulting that spans sales, service, marketing and commerce, we help clients define strategies, choose optimal platforms, and accelerate time-to-value.

Co-create with IBM Garage™