What if your metrics matched your mission?

You invested in containerization and Kubernetes to reap the benefits of elasticity, resiliency and speed to market. But traditional metrics like availability and latency don’t solve for performance in dynamic multicloud or containerized environments.

For your service level objectives (SLOs) to be meaningful, they need to measure what matters: business impact and customer experience. IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management software automatically determines the resourcing actions at the right time to ensure your mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet your SLOs.

Managing Kubernetes


Screenshot showing cloud reponse time and transactions

Go beyond thresholds

For service level objectives (SLOs) to optimize the customer experience, you need continuous analysis of application demand and continuous automation. That way, you have a top-down, full-stack source of data truth to correlate the SLOs to dynamic resourcing, making the right decisions for you.


Screenshot of recommended resize actions

Container rightsizing

Scale container limits and requests up or down based on application demand. Execute the actions in real time or as part of the DevOps deployment process.

Pod moves

Screenshotof recommended pod move actions

Continuous pod moves

When do you need to move a pod? To which node? Automatically move pods to avoid resource congestion and defragment the cluster without disruption.

Cluster scaling

Screenshot of provisioning actions recommended for virtual machine

Intelligent cluster scaling

When do you scale the cluster? By how much? IBM Turbonomic can see when pods have too little or too much cluster capacity and will give the action to spin up another or suspend nodes.


Screenshot of container cluster showing configuration and optimization summary

Container planning

How to accommodate more growth? With a few clicks, simulate how to optimize the existing environment to unlock capacity for growth so you can expand your digital initiatives.


Minimize manual labor

Developers, DevOps and SREs don’t need to set thresholds, constraints or autoscaling policies. IBM Turbonomic makes the resource decisions and provides actions you can automate. And a unified platform connects all your teams with a common understanding.

Reduce capacity spend

Kubernetes forces developers to make best-guess resourcing decisions. IBM Turbonomic sizes containers properly, moves pods and scales clusters based on app demand, ensuring you never use or pay for more capacity than you need.

Accelerate DevOps

Safely increase the frequency and scale of deployments. Our analytics integrate with your DevOps workflows, ensuring new and existing services always perform. And automation helps teams manage multiple tenants across multiple platforms or clouds.

Supported platforms

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