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Is Netezza on cloud compatible with my existing Twinfin, Striper and Mako workloads?

Yes, IBM® Netezza® Performance Server for the cloud is 100% compatible with existing Twinfin, Striper and Mako workloads. It’s the same database engine that’s retooled and reconfigured for the cloud and includes all the same utilities that are now available as REST API calls in the cloud.

How do I get started with using Netezza Performance Server on premises?

For on premises, in the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System hyperconverged architecture, Netezza Performance Server clients connect to the Netezza Performance Server host, which runs as a Docker container named ipshost1 on the system Control Plane node. The host is configured with a specific host name and IP address when the system is installed and provisioned in the customer network.

How do I back up or restore my data on Netezza Performance Server on cloud?

For Netezza on cloud, backups and restores are saved in the object store, either IBM Cloud® Object Storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 or Azure Blob Storage.

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Is Netezza Performance Server available as a managed service?

Yes. Netezza Performance Server as a Service is a fully managed, cloud native analytical data warehouse, based on massively parallel processing [MPP] architecture, available on public clouds.

What happened to IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL?

IBM Performance Server for PostgreSQL has been modernized and renamed to IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

How does Netezza Performance Server compare to other enterprise data warehouses currently in the market?

A June 2020 total value of ownership study from Cabot Partners shows that Netezza Performance Server outpaces competitors in key areas.

How can data scientists benefit from Netezza?

Netezza Performance Server drives the ability for your data scientist to quickly create, train and deploy in-database machine learning models. Using cognitive machine learning, Netezza provides your data scientist with in-database analytics, enabling them to collaborate inside one unified platform. Embedded Spark and support for Python and R enable rapid and sophisticated adoption of data science and machine learning at scale.

How do I migrate my current Netezza system to the public cloud?

To migrate data from IBM PureData® System for Analytics to Netezza on cloud, you can use the backup and restore method, or the “nz_migrate” command. NOTE: To migrate or connect to Netezza on cloud from Mako, make sure you are on version P1 or lower.

Does IBM help with migration and modernization of my data analytics platform?

Most clients find it easy to migrate themselves due to the 100% compatibility. All it takes is the “nz_migrate” command. However, IBM Expert Labs can help if needed. Each purchase of Netezza Performance Server includes two support offerings: (1) Setup and configuration of Netezza Performance Server for your workloads, including an Operational Workshop, and (2) Three months of Expertise Connect Advanced to provide guidance on moving workloads to IBM Cloud Pak for Data System.

How do I back up and restore my data for Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data System?

The IBM Knowledge Center provides general information about back up and restore methods, and also describes how to use the third-party storage solutions that are supported by the Netezza system.

In what locations or data centers does IBM offer Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data?

Currently, there are IBM Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure data centers supporting Netezza Performance Server in multiple locations within North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Additional IBM Cloud data centers are consistently being added. To learn more, talk to your IBM representative or schedule a free consultation.

How does Netezza Performance Server protect my data?

Built-in automation and auto-recovery, available on IBM Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, provide a highly available and fault-tolerant Netezza deployment with minimal intervention, helping ensure your data warehouse can run 24x7.

On which clouds can I install IBM Netezza Performance Server?

Netezza Performance Server is available on IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure.

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