What is IBM MQ?

Move seas of data, and keep it safe — with IBM MQ solutions. Flexible enough to handle diverse and evolving environments across clouds and on premises, IBM MQ solutions take care of moving your data, so you can take care of business.

What IBM MQ can do for your business

A graphical icon representing the ability of IBM MQ to provide a messaging solution can deliver reliable messages once

Make every message count

Some messaging solutions deliver messages twice, or not at all. IBM MQ delivers messages once and only once.

A graphical icon representing how IBM MQ can work with multiple, existing applications

Work with all your existing applications

Time spent hardcoding applications is time lost. With IBM MQ, disparate applications can communicate with ease — no code changes needed.

A graphical icon representing the security-rich messaging solution IBM MQ provides from mainframe to mobile, on premises and across clouds

Offer security-rich messaging, everywhere

Wherever you need to connect — from mainframe to mobile, on premises and across clouds — IBM MQ is the one solution you need.

A graphical icon representing new and existing systems working together through the support of IBM MQ

Use asynchronous messages to protect against the unexpected

Data still needs to flow, even when your applications or servers are offline. MQ acts as a buffer between applications, protecting messages until systems are restored.

Integrate disparate application data to enhance the customer experience

A retailer uses IBM MQ to access and integrate historical customer data and shopper behavior from disparate applications to personalize its offers at the point of engagement. The merchant can gain insight into customer preferences and spending tendencies, and use the data to anticipate customers’ needs and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Read on to learn how the other IBM MQ offerings can be put to use to meet the changing demands of businesses in industries such as your own.

An IBM MQ offering to suit every environment and open avenues for growth

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ Appliance to provide data preservation with low total cost of ownership

You need data preservation with low total cost of ownership (TCO)

With multiple locations use IBM MQ Appliance to connect offices, onboard new partners quickly and ensure built-in data-loss prevention.

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ for z/OS to provide end-to-end encryption and extend secure messaging across networks

You need a powerful system with a reliable mainframe

IBM MQ for z/OS can extend secure messaging across networks for companies — like banks — needing secure, end-to-end encryption.

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ on the cloud to more securely transfer messages, while minimizing hardware, software and provisioning requirements

You need a secure way to connect applications, systems and services in the cloud

IBM MQ on the cloud securely transfers messages, reducing provisioning needs for companies — like government agencies — with sensitive data.

Product versions

Consider these IBM MQ product versions


Get core IBM MQ functionality, with additional file transfer, end-to-end message data encryption and simplified high-availability capabilities.

BNY Mellon

Get IBM MQ scalability and security and a high-specification appliance’s simplicity, convenience and low TCO. IBM MQ Appliance is ideal for clients consolidating their MQ estate.


With custom code designed for IBM z/OS®, IBM MQ is the best way to transfer data on the mainframe. Get the stability, reliability and security-rich messaging that can be used as the foundation of your business.

IBM MQ on the cloud

Deploy IBM MQ across clouds for a common messaging backbone. Gain assurance and peace of mind, while connecting to your existing on-premises MQ infrastructure.

Complete your IBM MQ deployment

IBM App Connect Enterprise

Simply connect applications and data across all of your environments. Benefit from hundreds of security-rich, pre-built connectors and integration features to satisfy even the most complex enterprise requirements.

IBM PureApplication®

Deploy application environments quickly and repeatedly for on-premises and off-premises cloud landscapes.

IBM Event Streams

Enjoy a scalable, distributed, high-throughput message bus, available as a fully managed IBM Cloud™ service.

What makes IBM MQ a leader in messaging?

Flexible, near-universal connectivity

Adapts to meet changing market demands and help seize emerging opportunities

Security-rich message delivery

Preserves message integrity and mitigates the risk of data loss

Dynamic scaling

Improves business responsiveness and controls costs

Simplified management and control

Improves productivity and removes barriers to communication

Unified messaging

Simplifies integration, lowers TCO and accelerates application deployment

Rapid provisioning and monitoring

Enables self-service provisioning with simplified definition, deployment and management

Discover IBM MQ, the highly reliable, security-rich, high-availability messaging solution.

Discover IBM MQ, the highly reliable, security-rich, high-availability messaging solution. Start your 90-day free trial