What it can do for your business

Transform and personalize your IT user environment into a more intelligent, scalable and security-rich workplace that predicts and acts to meet current and future requirements. Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support, personalized for them.

Personalized experience

IBM's Watson treats each user as a person not as a ticket. It continually learns about their individual devices, locations and applications, providing an actively personalized experience.

Anytime, Anywhere Support

Users can get support for their devices whenever and however they need it. Support options span from live chat to self-service portals to walk-up "store-front" support.

Built for Cloud

Global support uses cloud-based services and tools such as live text chat, remote desktop takeover and automated password reset to actively engage users to deliver the optimal support experience.

Reduced Call Volume

By understanding ticketing history, drivers and metrics, we can better define patterns and envision ways to prevent tickets from happening.

Faster Resolution

The time to generate tickets is reduced, which increases the productivity of each agent. Unified Services Management (USM) tool manages the entire process in a single interface.

Global Support

IBM provides 41 service delivery centers, supporting over 5 million seats worldwide.

Key features

  • Any device, any time, any location
  • Personalized user experience
  • Empower your users
  • Cognitive, continuous analytics

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